Tales of Suspense #88-91 (April-July 1967)

In this four-part tale, we get the return of the Red Skull and a rare example of Captain America actually using the black-and-white ethical thinking he’s so often accused of—accusations against which I defend him in The Virtues of Captain America. (You’re making me look bad, Cap!) Plus, welcome artist supreme Gil Kane to the... Continue Reading →

Tales of Suspense #85-87 (January-March 1967)

These three issues contain self-contained Captain America stories that, while decent—issue #85 more than the other two—are frankly unremarkable from the viewpoint of ethics-based content, so I’ll move through them quickly. Issue #85 finds Cap looking for Sharon Carter and finding himself facing… This means, of course, an issue of fantastic Kirby fight choreography, and... Continue Reading →

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