Avengers Annual #20, Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual #1, and West Coast Avengers Annual #6 (September 1991)

These three annuals include the beginning, middle, and end of the five-part crossover story "Subterranean Wars," in which the Deviants attack other underground races (such as the Lava Men and the Moloids), a battle that draws in the Avengers and other heroes across the Marvel Universe. Captain America's involvement in this "event" is very slight—he... Continue Reading →

West Coast Avengers #64 (November 1990)

This issue of West Coast Avengers (or Avengers West Coast, tom-ay-to tom-ah-to) is a done-in-one in the spirit of the recent Captain America #379 and Avengers #325, and is also a Captain America/Human Torch team-up book in spirit (if not execution). Any time Cap gets to interact with one of his fellow "Big Three" Invaders... Continue Reading →

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