Taking a break for a bit…

This is difficult to say (and do), but The Virtues of Captain America Blog will be on hiatus for the first half of 2023, as work intensifies on the revised edition of my book of the same name (due out in 2024). Try as I might, I don’t think I can continue to write about “old” Cap stories for the blog at the same time that I review the last ten years of Cap stories for the updated book (and doing the other things I do for a living).

It’s a good time for a break, though. As of my last post, on February 1994’s Captain America #424, I’ve finished the first 30 years of Cap’s appearances since coming out of the ice in March 1964’s Avengers #4. That’s 460 posts over 4½ years, covering 1066 comics, if my count is correct. (If this were a Captain Britain blog I would make a Battle of Hastings joke, were such a thing possible.)

If revising and updating the book doesn’t take everything out of me, I should resume work here in late summer of 2023. In the meantime, I hope to clean up a few things around here; I’ve noticed some images in older posts do not display as they originally did, some older issues have been newly posted digitally, and new trade collections have come out that should be linked. But you’ll have to wait a while to see what happens to our hero beginning in Captain America #425, as well as the the build-up to the battle with Onslaught and the subsequent Heroes Reborn period, followed by the glories of Heroes Return and onward.

In the meantime, if you happen to see me out and about in central New Jersey…

(Lattes? Maybe Thor isn’t so worthy after all.)

7 thoughts on “Taking a break for a bit…

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  1. Nobody deserves a break more than you Doc. Your consistency has been nothing short of amazing. This blog has been very enjoyable and a great resource. Thank you so much. Hope you can pick it up again like you plan to after a well earned break.


  2. Good luck on your writing, will definitely look back on this site as its always a good resource for past Cap issues, thanks for all the hard work!


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