Captain America #111-113 (March-May 1969)

In this post we cover the last two of Jim Steranko's three issues of Captain America, in which he crafted the first significant "Death of Captain America" story (even if it was very quickly resolved) and, in the process, restored Cap's secret identity (which Sternako thought diminished his value and stature as "the quintessential symbol... Continue Reading →

Tales of Suspense #85-87 (January-March 1967)

These three issues contain self-contained Captain America stories that, while decent—issue #85 more than the other two—are frankly unremarkable from the viewpoint of ethics-based content, so I’ll move through them quickly. Issue #85 finds Cap looking for Sharon Carter and finding himself facing… This means, of course, an issue of fantastic Kirby fight choreography, and... Continue Reading →

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